We know some students have experienced math tutors who simply solve problems, showing the student how it's done. That, by itself, does little good. We strive to teach recognition of the problem type and how to approach that type of problem, especially useful in preparing for entrance or admissions tests. We teach how to set up word problems, which many students otherwise find difficult. We coach as the student works step by step until comfortable with identifying, setting up, solving and checking problems. 

One key to successful teaching is to get inside the student's thinking. Students are not born with math competency, and often have superficial or incorrect understandings. By pinpointing shortfalls, we can address them explicitly, often to the student's great relief. 

Attempting math problems while stressed by superficial or incorrect mathematical understanding is no fun at all. Once the math thinking is straightened out, pain is replaced with the confidence to progress.

Of course we teach test-taking technique as well, and coach students while they take practice  tests.

Result: improved performance and less stress in school, and in qualifying exams such as SAT, ACT,GRE, PRAXIS II OR GMAT. 

Here are some sample responses from students and parents, references on demand:

calculus and SAT prep
It was also Math Advantage that enabled him to raise his math SAT score by over 100 points from one SAT to the next. Thank you so much!
SAT preparation
Thanks to Bruce Healy, the twins passed the SAT with flying colors!
11th grade pre-calculus
I would like to take a moment to commend not only your service, but one of your tutors. My son was VERY excited about his experience, and felt that for the first time this semester, he could comprehend  the lesson.  (His tutor) connected with him and explained the material in a way he could grasp. A big thanks for providing a quality service to our student!
High School Algebra II
Her mom called to let us know that Christa made a high 3 on her algebra II EOC.
10th grade geometry
Thanks to you, Ben was the second highest grade with a 68. The highest was a 71. Now they’re looking at the teachers and their teaching because the rest of the classes failed, all the way to a zero. With the curve, Ben’s test grade would be a 98. Thank you again for all your help!!!
5th grader
Crista had very little confidence and was getting frustrated and embarrassed in class. (Now) we have seen a happier child, with more confidence to do her homework. A big thanks to Math Advantage!
8th grade algebra
 Janet Yates is one of the best things that has happened to Jacob in a long time.  She is great with him! She has made a big difference in is confidence and his grades!
10th grade home schooled
Jacob is really enjoying the tutoring. He is seeing math differently, gaining in knowledge and understanding of algebraic concepts. His scores in school are improving, and he does not struggle as much. He comes home from math tutoring excited about what he has learned. Thank you so much for working with Jacob!
Junior, pre-calculusMelissa feels very comfortable with her tutor. She feels that the review of the details has helped her comprehension. Her grades have improved from B’s to A’s.
4th grade highly giftedThank you so much. We’ve been very happy with your tutoring service and will recommend it to others.
11th grade Functions and Modeling
My teacher contacted me about the results of my Algebra II EOC, and guess what…I passed! Not only did I pass, but I made a 91, which is a level IV! I was just hoping for a level III. Needless to say that my parents were ecstatic and so proud. We went out to eat to celebrate. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for everything and all the help you’ve given me.
Statistical analysis for Master's Degree in Health Care Administration“I received a total of 12 of 12 points for my Week 8 project (final project). My final grade for the class is 99.12% (A). I certainly could not have achieved this level of success without your assistance and guidance."